Rave Reviews for Judi Lansky

At Lansky Career Consultants, we pride ourselves on listening — and truly hearing! — what you want out of your life, and how your career can be a satisfying and fulfilling part. That is the foundation of how we help you get on a path that positively impacts not only your work life but your personal life as well.

We’re proud of the testimonials we’ve received from our many clients for our career counseling and coaching services. Whether you’re looking for a new job, want to change careers or just want to get some expert counseling regarding your current career track, why not contact Lansky Career Consultants now to see how we can help you.

I first met Judi in February of 2016. I was on the job hunt once again and wanted to add some additional refinement to my resume and cover letter. I found her after doing some searching online, and I made an appointment with her over the phone. At that point, my resume and cover letter were pretty polished, since I had met with career counselors in the past, but Judi still offered some good tips to fine tune them even more.

It wasn’t until 6 months later that we talked again. Call it what you want; good timing, good instinct, but Judi happened to email me on the day that I had an interview with a new company. I was very interested in this company and was expecting an offer. Judi was kind enough to offer me advice on how to effectively negotiate my offer. With her help, I was able to negotiate the terms that I wanted in a diplomatic and non-confrontational way.

Judi is a seasoned and experienced career counselor and I would recommend her services.

D.S., Mechanical Engineer — Interviewing and Salary Negotiation

Judi did a remarkable job helping me find a career that matched my interests. I don’t even want to know where I would be if I didn’t listen to Judi’s advice. Thank you, Judi!

R.S., Operations Manager — Career Path Goal Setting

Thank you for all of your excellent assistance, advice, and guidance. I’m not sure I would have been able to get this great new position in Human Resources without your help. Thanks again — I am very happy with my new position.

J.G., Human Resources Professional — Career Path Upgrade

Thank you so much for all you did in helping me find the confidence to be able to make such a huge change in my life: I could not have successfully made the transition from being a trader in Chicago to a realtor in Naples without your coaching.

M.Z., Realtor — Career Change

I am so happy I know you and believe the direction of my life would be different if I had never met you. I just love my new job in finance! You are an inspiration because you are living your vision.

R.F., Finance Professional — Next Step on Career Path

I went to Judi for career coaching, because I’d wanted to explore options for a possible career change. Judi not only helped me to clarify my career interests but also to build a variety of skills to prepare for my career change; those skills included, among others, professional networking, informational interviewing, and marketing for what would become my new business. She also provided constructive feedback on my resume and other career-relevant documents.

The best descriptors that I have for Judi’s approach in helping me with these various tasks include “supportive,” “patient,” “compassionate” and “encouraging,” especially when I sometimes felt discouraged in my career-development process, or when I felt stressed out about or tired of dealing with life’s various demands and obstacles. Rather than passively accepting my avoidance of certain career-development tasks or aggressively pushing me to accomplish those tasks, she was able to nudge me gently to take my next career steps.

In short, I’m grateful for all of Judi’s support. I’m hopeful that, based on our career-coaching sessions, I’ll more effectively (and enthusiastically!) tackle my ongoing career-development process in the coming days.

J.C., Educator — Career Change

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule last week to conduct a practice interview with me. It was particularly interesting and enjoyable to hear you speak candidly about your background and line of work. I appreciate your generosity in providing feedback regarding how to answer tough interview questions better. Your suggestion on how to handle the salary question was notably helpful.

It would be a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with you again in the near future.

J.C., Human Resources Professional — Interview Practice and Salary Negotiation

I met Judi through DePaul university’s career counseling program. As I look back at my career so far, her guidance was instrumental in helping me set goals and create a plan of action. Highly recommended!

S.P., Product Management Leadership — Career Path Goal-Setting

It was a pleasure to reconnect with you again after your kind help 10 years ago after meeting me on the bus. Your act of kindness to take the time to meet with me was invaluable, with everlasting results.

At the time, I was in a major transition in my life personally and professionally as a newly single mother with a small child. You warmly did a session with me. It was much needed at the time. Your time encouraged me to continue and commit to my career path in spite of many odds not in my favor. Moreover, the good news, it has paid off. I completed those goals.

Your knowledge, expertise, encouragement, grace and experience shared with me, as a young adult, was invaluable to assist me toward my goals. Obviously, after reaching out to you after ten years to update you on the completion of those previous goals, needless to say, you made quite an impression in my life.

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

L.H., Artist — Single Mom Returning to Work

After a brief time in radio, I decided to go back into the computer field. First came school and professional certification. Then, I successfully applied Lansky Career Consultants techniques to develop a network, drum up interest, get interviews and finally obtain three job offers! Many thanks, Judi!

R.K., IT Professional — Changing Career Fields

Judi has a strong background in Human Relations and extensive knowledge as a recruiter. She knows the business as well as the psycho-social aspects of job hunting and she’s a wealth of information on resume and cover letter drafting. She knows the questions that are going to be asked at the interview and she knows what to include in your resume and what to delete. She is bright and dedicated. I have learned effective skills and tools necessary to write my resume and cover letters and I felt better and less anxious at my interviews after her coaching.

C.P., Accountant — Job Search Coaching

I found you extremely well qualified to help people decide what they want to be. And you demonstrated the courage needed to see it through. Thank you for giving me yourself and your time, you were more than generous with both.

S.J., College Senior — Define Career Directions Post-College

In our first session, I did not know what to expect from Lansky Career Consultants. I came to you because I wanted to discover which of my abilities were strong enough for me to go into business for myself. In my mind the process was going to be a technical one based on questions about likes and dislikes, skills and weaknesses, etc.

In the months we worked together, we discovered something much deeper, and more significant, than what I was good at and how I might apply those skills. instead of looking at fear as something that holds me back, I now see it as a reason to pursue a goal. I have a different mindset every morning as I think about my work.

Discovering the root causes of my behavior, fears and guilt were the greatest benefit I received from our work together. The investment I made in this discovery was worth its weight in gold. The way I approach my job and my private investments is much healthier and more lucrative now.

A.D., Entrepreneur — Explore Entrepreneurship

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the fact that my former firm provided outplacement through Lansky Career Consultants. She was extremely helpful with the initial tasks of polishing my resume and cover letter. I also learned a great deal about networking and I put it to good use during my job search. It was extremely beneficial to have her assistance and feedback as I was defining my career goals and objectives.

When I received two offers on the same day and had to make a quick decision, Judi was also there to help me.

G.R., Premium Insurance Auditor — Resume Update and Job Offer Evaluation

Thanks for your note and continuing support of our daughter. How she has grown! I wouldn’t have believed it possible in adult life. Especially the growth in relatedness, mutuality, concern for others, self and other awareness.

And this is all your fault! Without you, it wouldn’t have happened.

I am so very proud of her and so very grateful to you.

DR. J.S, MD, Parent of Client — Develop Daughter’s Confidence to Pursue First Career

Thank you for your many helpful suggestions. I enjoyed our meeting very much. I wanted to listen to your CD before writing you to tell you how informative and how well done it was…

Happily, things have started to pick up, and I am certain all your suggestions will further that trend.

S.G., Attorney — Grow Existing Business

Two hours after my 2nd interview I received a phone call with a verbal offer! I thank you so very much for your services and your support, as I feel you were instrumental in the process that led to securing this new position.

I truly appreciated working with you. I learned so much in our meetings that I have continued to use them in my career.

M.A., Recent College Graduate — Obtaining First Job

This letter is to express my deep thanks and appreciation for your recent presentation.

Your experience, wisdom, and competence came through clearly in your presentation. You made a strong and positive case for networking with a diverse group in quest of a job. You also presented a good definition and rules for informational interviews. All the comments of those in attendance were quite positive which speaks to your presentation style and the importance of your topic.

Thank you for your contributions to the work of our group. I am awed by those who contribute so significantly to it. You are an essential part of that work.

J.C., Executive Director — Kudos for Lansky Presentation for Unemployed Architects

Congratulations on 35 years of providing outstanding consulting services to your many clients!

E.R., Speech Pathologist — Celebrating Lansky Career Consultants’ 35th Anniversary

Congratulations, Judi. Thank you for contributing so much to so many people, including me.

B.B., Career Coach — Celebrating Lansky Career Consultants’ 35th Anniversary

You have had an amazing run Judi. Congratulations on your career and support of so many people.

S.B, Therapist — Celebrating Lansky Career Consultants’ 35th Anniversary

I heard compliment after compliment about your seminars last night. Your expertise is remarkable and we were very lucky to have a speaker of your caliber for our seminars.

I noted that both the experienced job seekers and those younger and just getting started in a career commented on the quality of the presentations and, perhaps even more important, the value to them of the presentations.

Thank you for your commitment to make Career Jumpstart! the success it was.

P.M., Chicago Dept. of Health — Kudos for Lansky Seminars on Career Transition