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Rediscover Your Sense of Purpose

In initial sessions, new clients often discuss their feelings about their careers and their personal lives. The descriptions they use often help them – and us – determine whether they are living out their vision, mission, or purpose. David shared … Continue reading

Watch Your Words

Have you listened carefully to the words you use when you talk to yourself or when you talk about yourself to others? Most people have to answer “no.” However, the words you use reflect your thinking – and sometimes even … Continue reading

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Texting in a Job Search??

Texting, so popular in many other areas of life, is now moving into the interview and job hiring process. According to a June 21, 2017 Wall Street Journal article, some employers feel that prospects are too slow to pick up … Continue reading

But I Don’t Want to Work with People all Day…

Anxiety is the most common clinical diagnosis among psychological issues these days. So, if you’re anxious, or just somewhat introverted or reserved, you might prefer to limit the amount of people interaction you have at work. There are many careers … Continue reading

Gender Gap Still Lingers in the Workplace

(Note: I wanted to share this article, written by Erinn Hutkin, which I thought encapsulates “male” and “female” jobs, and how things are slowly changing. – Judi Lansky) I recently came upon an interview in the Chicago Tribune with Professor … Continue reading