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Journey of a Career Consultant

Clients often ask about my personal career history and how I became a Career Consultant.  As my 35th anniversary in business approaches, I thought I would share with you about how my own career has unfolded. Like your own career, … Continue reading

Have I Overstayed My Welcome at My Job?

Overstay at a job or is it time to change employers? Some clients worry about having a history of job hopping, others have the opposite concern. They’ve stayed at the same company, and sometimes in the same position, for five … Continue reading

Are you ready to find a job you love?

Do you have the time to get on the path to finding a job you’ll love? Want to find your dream career more quickly? Career Boot Camp, a one day intensive offered by Lansky Career Consultants, would accelerate your progress. … Continue reading

Should You Accept A Counter Offer At Work?

“I’m excited! I just got a counter offer! What should I do?” Jane asked. The general rule is: Never accept a counter offer from your employer, no matter how enticing it may be. Before I explain why, let’s define a … Continue reading

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What to Share (or Not) in a Job Interview

Clients often ask about what to say in an interview, what topics to bring up, what questions to ask, etc. Obviously these are very important topics.  However, in this age of social media and oversharing, it’s also important to think … Continue reading