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Gender Gap Still Lingers in the Workplace

(Note: I wanted to share this article, written by Erinn Hutkin, which I thought encapsulates “male” and “female” jobs, and how things are slowly changing. – Judi Lansky) I recently came upon an interview in the Chicago Tribune with Professor … Continue reading

Journey of a Career Consultant

Clients often ask about my personal career history and how I became a Career Consultant.  As my 35th anniversary in business approaches, I thought I would share with you about how my own career has unfolded. Like your own career, … Continue reading

Have I Overstayed My Welcome at My Job?

Overstay at a job or is it time to change employers? Some clients worry about having a history of job hopping, others have the opposite concern. They’ve stayed at the same company, and sometimes in the same position, for five … Continue reading

Are you ready to find a job you love?

Do you have the time to get on the path to finding a job you’ll love? Want to find your dream career more quickly? Career Boot Camp, a one day intensive offered by Lansky Career Consultants, would accelerate your progress. … Continue reading

Should You Accept A Counter Offer At Work?

“I’m excited! I just got a counter offer! What should I do?” Jane asked. The general rule is: Never accept a counter offer from your employer, no matter how enticing it may be. Before I explain why, let’s define a … Continue reading

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