Career Coaching, Job Search Counseling Services

A job counselor or career coach can help make a difference in finding a job vs. discovering a satisfying career path.  That’s why Lansky Career Consultants of Chicago, IL should be part of your career search strategy.  All career coaching, job search counseling and executive coaching services are custom-tailored to meet your specific needs, and are conducted in strictest confidence.

All Job Levels Served

Finding a job can be emotionally draining and frankly frustrating, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned executive or someone just starting out in the working world. We can help you define specific action steps to achieve your career objectives no matter your age or where you are on your career path.

Career Development

Not sure if the career path that you’re currently on is what you really want? Our approach to career development provides you with a road map of where you are going with your career long term, and how to get there. Read more…

Career Path Review

By examining the jobs you’ve had in the past, how you felt about each position and your likes and dislikes, we can uncover patterns and trends that may be consciously or even subconsciously contributing to your career choices. Being aware can help you find your life’s work that better matches your personality and work style.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is one of our specialties. Executives rely on Lansky Career Consultants to sharpen their leadership skills and corporate visibility. With our executive coaching and expertise as corporate career counselors, you’ll get tools and guidance to be better prepared to handle day-to-day management issues and organizational politics. We can also be your sounding board to help identify opportunities that can further your advancement within the organization.

Second Career

When you’re used to working 9 to 5, or even longer, five days a week for so many years, it can seem overwhelming to have so many options for what to do after retirement. At Lansky (Second) Career Consultants, we can help you identify your skills, interests and what’s important to you at this stage of your life, whether it’s a new career, volunteering or retirement.  Read more…

Job Search Strategies and Implementation

Once we know your desired career or job objectives, we will develop a cohesive action-oriented job search strategy to create, target and distribute your resume to the right potential employers for optimum exposure.

Cover Letter Development

The cover letter is an important tool that, when effectively written, sets the proper context for a prospective employer to view your resume. Learn the approaches for dynamic cover letter content for both email and “snail” mail (yes, they are different!).

Resume Writing

Learn to write a resume that gets you in the door, including targeted resumes that respond to job specifications. You’ll also learn how to write and format resumes that are compatible with today’s automated resume-scanning software used by many human resources (HR) departments.


Discover networking tips and strategies to get you in front of the right people, face-to-face, who can connect you with potential job opportunities. Learn how to set up and use social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, to capitalize on online networking as another opportunity to connect with people who maybe looking for someone with your skillset.

Interviewing Skills

Now that you’re in the door, how well do you come across?  We’ll teach you interview techniques that will help you create a positive professional impression. You’ll hone your interviewing skills through guided preparation and role-play-based practice to give you the self-confidence to create the right rapport with the people who are interviewing you.

Salary Negotiation

Learn how to handle salary negotiations with confidence.  Get tips on how to negotiate a salary and benefits package that’s a win-win for both you and your prospective employer.

Career Boot Camp

If time is of the essence, join us for our one-day Career Boot Camp, where the focus is only on you. Our Boot Camp is a concentrated five-hour day for you to work individually with job coach Judi Lansky to focus specifically on your issues to move ahead more quickly and with more confidence in your job and career search.

Special Services

If your path to career success requires services not mentioned here, be sure to talk with us about them.  We’ll work with you to create and implement career plans that will address your particular situation.

Services Available by Phone, Email and In-Person

Located in Chicago, Illinois, in-person sessions are available in our offices or on-site. We are also available to conduct individual and group coaching sessions anywhere in the world by phone or online.

It’s time to get started — contact Judi Lansky now to make a difference in your working life!