Frequently-Asked Questions about Career Counseling

Would a career counselor be helpful to you? That depends on your needs and expectations. Here are answers to questions that you may have (click on each bar or down arrow to view the answers):

Whether you’ve been reorganized out of a job or you feel pigeonholed in your current position, if you’re at a point in your career where you’re wondering what’s next, talking with a career counselor can help you clarify what needs to be done to identify and achieve your career goals and aspirations. Keep in mind, though, that career counselors do not find jobs for their clients; recruiters and employment services do that.

Career counseling is essentially a two-part process: assessment and coaching.

In the assessment portion, counselors use exercises, tests, and carefully directed questions to help clients identify skills and interests, clarify goals and chart their course. At Lansky Career Consultants, we also delve into those values that are really important to you. For example, we explore such issues as what do you want to accomplish in your life? What kind of corporate culture do you want to work in? How much are you willing to travel for your career, if at all?

Then in the coaching portion, we assist clients in developing the skills and strategies they’ll need to plan and execute an effective job search. This can include developing resumes and cover letters, teaching networking skills, and coaching clients on interviewing and salary negotiation.

A career counselor such as Judi Lansky also offers intangibles such as structure, accountability, momentum and pacing. A counselor can prevent a client from getting bogged down in the resume process or any other step along the way.

Many people wish career counselors would give them job contacts. However, most professionals prefer to teach clients how to make their own contacts and how to use them. Once learned, the client can use these skills for every future job search as well as for career development along the way. In some cases, Lansky Career Consultants can assist with referrals to recruiters.

Many clients are confused and unhappy with their careers when they begin the process. After some assistance in reviewing their work history and pinpointing their skills and values, they often begin to feel more confident about themselves and their prospects.

The end result of a successful career counseling experience for the client — in addition to finding a job s/he loves — is not only a stronger sense of direction, but a greater sense of self-esteem that will better enable them to direct their careers.

Choosing a Career Counselor is a very personal choice, so feel free to check out our popular article, How to Choose a Career Counselor. Of course, we believe that Lansky Career Consultants is your best choice.

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