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At Lansky Career Consultants, headed by noted career coach Judi Lansky, our counseling specialty as a national career and executive coach is to help you define new career directions that allow you to use your skills, interests and values in more satisfying ways. Headquartered in Chicago, we’ve successfully provided results-oriented job counseling and career coaching services to those who want to look for a new job, change careers, explore a second career or evaluate their career path.

Whether you’re currently working, unemployed, self-employed, retired, an executive, recent college graduate or anything in between, the many career counseling and job coaching services offered by Lansky Career Consultants can make a real difference in your life.

You’re More than Just a Job…

The Lansky approach to career counseling helps you understand the whole “you,” not just what goes on a resume.

Throughout our lives, there are pivotal moments that force us to make choices about our jobs. Some of these choices may be involuntary, such as a layoff or downsizing.  Other changes may be pro-active on your part due to retirement, personal dissatisfaction with your current job or career, or because there are indications that you might become a casualty of a company or industry downturn.

As your career coach, we use these pivotal moments to help you define your career direction and delve into your future goals and aspirations to create a custom job search strategy.

Discover the Lansky Difference

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